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The vision for has taken over a year of detailed research. A lot more sits behind the vision than can be conveyed online.

The next step, however, requires a Master who can train us on new tricks. New tricks like:

  • Financing

  • Meme Marketing

  • Go-To-Market

  • Legitimacy

As humble rabbits, we cannot lead the growing doge pack and know that we need a new Master Doge.

So, in 2024 we are holding a selection process to transfer ownership and leadership.

The process will have elements of an auction, but the final decision will be voted on by our token-holders, and may take into consideration elements including:

  • financial investment

  • reputation

  • plans for the future

  • commitment to the lols

69% of the ownership will be given to the community via the DotDogeDrop, so the community will have the ultimate choice in this. Once the new Master Doge is selected, 100% of ownership will be transferred to them.

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