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The Token

The DotDoge token represents ownership in the protocol. Owners of the token will receive financial value that comes in, according to their ownership level.

The token is administered by XYZ platform.

The Drop

The DotDoge token is not a security, and cannot be purchased from us. Instead, DotDoge tokens will only be air-dropped to members of the community who are engaged in establishing the meme.

Drops may be given to:

  • Social media commentators

  • People who sign up for early interest

  • Valuable ecosystem contributors

  • Charities related to animal welfare or internet freedom

  • Anyone we decide

  • Open source developers

Amounts will be in our discretion and will be given in equally-sized cohorts... so early contributions will be more rewarded. Ultimately, 69% of all tokens will be airdropped to contributors.

The Master Doge

As outlined here, we are seeking a new Master Doge to take leadership of the protocol in 2024. When a new Master is found, token holders will have to approve the transfer.

When a transfer is approved, the amount paid by the Master will be distributed to the token holders in a process that may require additional steps by token holders. After this, the token will not hold any further value.

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