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The internet needs new domains names. We call them doge main names. Together we can lead the way to a new domain that is:

  1. Sovereign - by using Second-Level Domain extension (the extra dot), we can bypass many of the existing rules imposed by the legacy ICANN DNS system. Censorship resistant digital property.

  2. Legit - many "crypto domains" are not "domains" as we know them. They don't work for websites, emails, etc. is fully backwards compatible, so we'll bring the past into the web3 future.

  3. Fun - somehow the internet is losing the lols. While we want to solve a real technical challenge, we're here for the fun too.

  4. Open Source - to take on the big old-school domain monopolies, we'll need to work as a pack. We'll especially need to work with open source protocols around DNS (via Nomulus) and web3 protocols including ENS and the Dogecoin Foundation.

  5. Community Led - 69% of the ownership in this project will be airdropped to active community members and partners. Learn more about the DotDogeDrop.

Basic Product Details:

A "doge main name" can be used for:


premium email:

wallet addresses:

By cross-registering between DNS and Web3, domains can be resilient to hacking and censorship.

Basic Technical Details:

The mainstream domain name system (DNS) has several drawbacks, but it's so widely adopted that any attempts to replace it have failed.

Instead, we envision slowly developing a parallel consensus that leverages the benefits of DNS while layering on the benefits of web3 domains.

We envision building from the open-source Nomulus project to run the software for the registry. This is the same robust open-source protocol that Google uses to run its registry.

Customising Nomulus to connect with web3 APIs will allow our registry to establish a bridge between legacy and future-focused system.

This first bridge would represent a significant open-source victory that we dream as "The Doge Consensus". Since consensus is inherently a meme, it's only fitting the best meme in the world leads the path.

Basic Financial Details:

The operating expenses to run an open-source registry are quite modest. There will be some initial development costs for customising the Nomulus program, but the ongoing operating costs will be modest.

  • DNS fees - by using a Second-Layer Domain (the extra dot) we do not need to pay an annual fee for each domain. This will keep the annual costs low (~$1k/yr).

  • Technical costs - because we are building upon a robust open-source base and working with open web3 protocals, ongoing costs will be low. Some initial development costs will be required.

  • Distribution fees - usually this is the biggest costs for new domains. GoDaddy, etc. take a huge cut. Rather than pay these, we will do direct to the doge community via the DotDogeDrop token.

Revenue will be generated from the sale of domain names. This is a very large and lucrative industry. The number of domains for any given extension can be found here. The typical process is:

  • Pre-Sales - This is where brands and trademark holders can get pre-register their names. Many brands automatically register any domain that comes with their name. (i.e.

  • Sunrise Auctions - Rather than selling all domains for the same price, sunrise auctions allow premium domains to be sold at market price. So, names like or will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Pricing can either be annually recurring or 1-time fee.

  • General Availability - Once the sunrise auctions have happened, the domain is opened for anyone to buy at a standard price. We envision options for either a low annual price or a higher 1-time lifetime registration.

The details of the process will be determined by The Master Doge.

The Master Doge

The Master Doge is the core owner and patron of the vision. While we are excited to be part of the pack, we are not the right long term Master for a project of this scope and impact.

A good Master feeds the pack and helps with training - receiving in return lots of licks and laughs.

The process to select a new Master Doge will be run in 2024 with more details here.

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