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DALL·E 2024-01-03 12.32.38 - A blog post header image for an article about auctioning the

how much for

For a unique, iconic, 1-of-1 name like, there is no easy way to establish value. 

Part of the idea for the Dogemain drop is to create a floating liquidity pool that might help clarify the market value (and to also give back to the community). 

So, ultimately, the auction will determine what the value is, but some things we've thought about: 

* DNS is the OG of distributed consensus - long before blockchains, the Domain Name System (DNS) has been operating as globally distributed ledger at the core of the modern internet. Whoever owns "" controls the globally-agreed upon entry for the name. It's as close to owning the doge meme as exists. 

* Dogecoin is a $13B asset - It's estimated there are 4.8million unique dogecoin holders.  Dogecoin's value is highly leveraged off its community and brand. We believe that can amplify both. 

* OwnTheDog NFT - The NFT-ification of iconic doge images holds a market value of ~$20M. This reflects the strong market demand for iconic assets related to doge.  

* Iconic domains are very valuable - There's a long and established track record for investment in domain names. Especially short, top-tier names with no alternatives. 

* Doge isn't a company, it's a sovereign meme - Many of the existing domain extensions are misfits for a meme like doge. It's transcendent of the confines imposed by a .com or .org. The name is thus best suited for the meme as a whole.


A sovereign internet domain for a sovereign meme. 

* Utility - Unlike an image NFT, has utility.

- The name can obviously be used as a brand for any doge-related business.

- My original idea was to sell web3 subdomains for use as censorship-resistant wallet addresses, so people could send me dogecoin to: (more details). 


Ultimately, The Auction will determine the commercial value for - of course, none of this is financial advice :) 

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