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Doge Main Tokenomics Airdrop #DMTdrop

The #DMTdrop

The Doge Main Tokenomics airdrop (#DMTdrop) represents fractional economic interest of the domain name. The token is not available for sale, it not a security, and will only be used to distribute the eventual money received from the auction. 

Drops may be given to:


  • Social media meme-lords

  • People who sign up for early interest

  • ecosystem contributors

  • Charities related to animal welfare or internet freedom

  • Open source developers

  • Anyone else who helps doge spread

Amounts will be in our discretion and will often be given retroactively.


After the auction, promotional amounts of DOGECOIN will be sent to DMT holders to reflect their ownership in the name. People who receive a #DMTdrop will need to claim their gifts within 14 days of the auction. 

More Legal Stuff

Seriously, this isn't a security and you cannot buy the token from us.  

From a tax and legal perspective, it on you to know your local rules. Generally speaking, airdrops are considered taxable income, especially when you sell. We're not able to provide any tax documentation or assistance. Do you own research. 

We make no representations to the value of the token. At all. Just like the original DOGE, there's nothing that guarantees it will be worth anything at all. 

Some people who receive an airdrop may choose to sell on an exchange. This is their right and not something we can control.  Please keep in mind that volumes will be very small and prices can fluctuate. 

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